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Website Design for The Elegant DJ

Dated websites stick out like a sore thumb on the web these days.  I know you have seen them.  They are still out there lurking….That is why I LOVE, with a capital L, redoing them.  Updating the look of a site or re-branding to fit the wave of technology and usability for  your best customers is just smart business, right?  This website was just that, a dated site.  You can see it for yourself in this lovely before capture of the before design.

website redesign of wedding dj in washington dc

When I meet with a new client, the first step in a redesign is to determine goals of the site.  How do they want the site to generate more inquiries, how do they want their customer to experience their business, most importantly how do they want to generate more business growth through their site.

Here’s what Ed the Elegant DJ requested:

“I want a photography style portfolio site or something more visual and not so wordy.  I like simple and elegant.  Not  ‘in your face’ kind of loud site. I already know front end design, so I want something I can use and update easily myself.  I don’t want to look like all other DJ sites out there, but I do want no question that I am a Wedding and Event DJ.  I want something that fits my personality and style.  I have a lot of reviews, and I need a place to display them, as well as a place for brides to hear samples of music, look at my playlists, maybe watch a video of what I do, and see pictures of past weddings and the guests of the weddings having a wonderful time.”

Ed was also needing a special kind of fill-able form.  There are a couple of form plugins that are very popular, but the form plugin that I used is a premium form creator call Gravity Forms and it is specifically designed to take on many different types of form fields. It even has multiple page forms (oh my!). It’s super easy to use for a novice to advanced user, and I can teach him how to use it without needing to know how to code.  Something else that Ed needs as does everyone that has a website is Search Engine Optimization.  It’s critical these days for your customers to be able to find you for what you do when they search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.  So, we added some special touches for that.  Linked up his social media accounts and VOILA!

website design for the elegant dj

So, here is the “after” design of his site!  What do you think?  Did I meet the goals?  Feel free to click the image to go to the site to peek around more.  This is the soft launch of the site, we are still tweaking here and there.  You get to see it first though. Do you know anyone with a dated website that could use some sprucing up?  Have them give me a buzz 240-504-5091 or send me an e-mail at  I’ll fix’um right up.