Real Estate Photography

Southern Maryland Real Estate Photography

Home Size / Service Price No. of Images
=<2,000 sqft $100 Minimum of 30
>2,000 sqft $225 A firm 30-35
Blue Hour Add-on $100 UP TO 10

Real Estate Photography is a passion of mine. I believe that a house is just a beautiful as people, and their features can be exploited just as much as a beautiful model. A home can sell faster and for a higher price than expected just because of the photography. Users spend more time on the internet before reaching out to an agent just looking for homes.  If there are two homes that are in competition with each other, the home with better photography will be the one that stands out even after a visit because the home buyer will go back online to view the property and the pictures again and again before making a final decision. Are you a numbers person? Check out this article.

My favorite type of photographs for a home include the blue hour add-on.  Eighty percent of the time we actually get to spend in our homes is during the evening hours.  A home that only has photographs of what it looks like in the daylight is short-changing the beautiful colors that emerge at dusk.  The home feel more inviting and warm and really ready to be a part of a family’s life.  This isn’t camera trickery, it’s really all about the right light at the right time.  Additionally, the photos of the interior during blue hour have a blue color coming in the windows versus a bright white.

It must be said that I am very in tune with your needs and really appreciate your advice as much as you appreciate mine when it comes to photographing a home. If there are specific shots that you are looking for, please let me know I am happy to accommodate.


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