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15 Questions to Analyze Your Facebook Page

social media&MarketingYou have been using Facebook for a bit and you really think you have it down. However, something seems to be missing.  I often provide a free Facebook page analysis as a networking group door prize or a bonus after I’ve taught a social media class.  Before I do each analysis, I have a pre-determined list of questions that I will seek answers to while investigating that page.  Now, I’m giving that list of questions to you.  You can take this list and analyze your Facebook business page and see if you are using the best practices or if it’s time to shape up.

  1. Does your page have a unique URL? Not sure what that is or how to do it? Check out this article.
  2. Does your cover picture (the big picture on the page) match your website branding, offer a sale, advertise an event, have an action picture of what you do?
  3. Is your profile picture your logo or professional head shot?
  4. Do you have to FRIEND the page or LIKE the page.  There is a big difference.  You want people to LIKE your page, not friend it.
  5. Are you using the Call to Action button? You should be Facebook now tracks it!
  6. Is the about section filled out in its entirety? Include a website link.
  7. Is all the contact information filled out? Are store hours filled in if they have a storefront?
  8. Are they using the “apps” section to link other social media profiles or e-mail marketing sign-ups? Need to know how, this is a great article.
  9. When is the last time you posted to your page?
  10. How many likes, comments, or shares are your posts getting on average?
  11. Is the information too personal?
  12. Are you posting too much (every hour)?
  13. Are you not posting enough? (a post a day).
  14. Is the information you posting relevant to your business, its mission, its network, its community?
  15. Do they like other business pages?

There you have it.  Simple.

Still feel like something is missing?  Need some insight as to what your page is doing or not doing?  Check your insights. If you still feel that you could benefit from some one on one time, just call me.  Let’s set-up a meeting and hang out!



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