How I work:

  • Typical shoot time is between 11 am and 1 pm. Best result is when the front of the home is lit by the sun.
  • Only one sunrise and one sunset/blue hour photo shoot per day.
  • No artificial lighting or flash photography.
  • High-definition, magazine quality interior and exterior shots.
  • Wide angle lens and full frame camera to capture an entire space
  • Homes that are less than 2000 sqft = $100
  • Homes 2000-4000 sqft = $225, if the home is larger than that please contact me.
  • Additional shot times of sunrise, sunset, or blue hour is an additional $100

Benefits to the Agents:

  1. Easy photo shoot scheduling through online website.
  2. Speedy turn around time max 48 hour delivery of gallery.
  3. Branded tours with your headshot and logo.
  4. Online gallery of both full size photos and web sized photos for MLS.
  5. Minimum of 30 photos every time for MLS.


Active Listings as of Sept. 6, 2016

Active Listings Exterior/Blue Hour Only (5):